The admission in the school will only be for KG Class (pre Grade-1) which will be done every year. No admission during the session will be entertained to any class. The admission will be strictly on merit which will be set by a committee comprising of at least 3 members. No influence of any person will be considered (very strict). The committee’s decision will be final in this regard. The list of successful candidates will be approved, published & pasted at the notice board of school premises and at the same times arrangements will be made to inform the parents of the candidates.


The age limit will be set by the committee every year. For the first year at the time of the start of the session, the age should be between four to five years.


> Poverty level.

> IQ level of the kids.

> Parents’ education level. Especially if the mother/siblings may be a source of help.

> Source of income (hilal).


Each year, the committee will decide the number of new enrollments. For the first year decided to get between 25 – 28 students.We will try to maintain 50/50 ratio of boys/girls.

Admission Process

Application Form will be published and spread to the interested parents by different means in the first week of January.

The form will carry the following main points:

> Full Name.

> Father’s Name (copy of CNIC must).

> Complete home address, Contact Nos – Mobile, land line.

> DOB of the candidate or Birth Certificate.

> List of Brothers/sisters along with their school names & Classes – Fees being paid.

> If any of the family member is working, then full details of it.

> Source of Income - (get as much as possible measurable).

> Any other way of getting financial support,e.g rent/ land or from any other NGOs etc.

> Any other land/shop/cultivating land under the ownership.

> House – Rented/Own – Rental amount if any.

> Size of the house with rooms.

> An Oath to the truth of the above information

He application form will be collected by the second week of January and will go for scrutiny to the committee. The committee members will go physically door to door to verify each and every information declared in the form. Additional info. will also be collected to come-up with most deserving candidates; such as:

> Total income of all the earning members.

> Total dependents (size of the family) to come up with per head income.

> Electronics; TV, refrigerator or other items in the house.

> Copy of electricity bill/phone bill will helpful.